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Serving Tongs


7” Stainless Tong

7” Silver Tong

9” Plastic Burgundy Tong

10” Silver Tong

10”, 12”, 16” Stainless Tong

Stainless Serving Utensils


11” Meat Fork
12” Slotted Serving Spoon
12” Solid Serving Spoon
13” Serving Fork
13” Solid Serving Spoon



Also available in:
10″ Serving Fork
12″ Serving Fork
13″ Slotted Serving Spoon
14″ Slotted Serving Spoon
10″ Solid Serving Spoon
11″ Solid Serving Spoon



All Serving Utensils are available in other patterns



10” Pastry Spatula with Wood Handle|14.5” Pancake Spatula|14” Stainless Spatula

Stainless Steel Bread Baskets


Left to Right:


Flower Stainless Steel Bread Basket (9.5″ diameter, 2″ deep),Round Stainless Steel Bread Basket (9.5″ diameter, 2″ deep),Oval Stainless Steel Bread Basket (8″x11″, 2″ deep)

Wicker Bread Baskets


Left to Right: 7″x9″ Oval Wicker Basket (2.5″ deep)

Medium Round Wicker Basket (11″ diameter, 3.5″ deep)

Small Round Wicker Basket (9″ Diameter, 2.75″ deep) (Also available in Large Round Wicker Basket in limited quantities.)

Clear Glass Jars w/ Lid


Small Glass Jar with Lid
Dimensions (without lid): 5.5″D x 6.25″H


Medium Glass Jar with Lid on a pedestal tray*
Dimensions (without lid): 6.75″D x 7.5″H


*Pedestal tray not for rent


Hexagon Glass Jar with Metal Lid
Dimensions: 9.5″W x 8.5″H