What’s the most important event in the world at this very moment? It’s yours.

It’s the one you’re spending valuable time envisioning and planning. The one you hope will become a magical, memorable moment in time that you and your guests will remember forever.

You’re here because you need a company with party and event rental services to help make your event dreams come true. And we know you can rent tents, tables, chairs, china, and whatever else your event requires from a number of companies in the Bay Area. While we’re competitively priced and have an extensive selection of high-quality items to choose from, it’s possible you may find ever-so-slightly cheaper prices elsewhere.

But are the cheapest party and event services you can find really what you want? Is it really what your event needs?

At Stuart Event Rentals, we’re not just your average event rentals vendor.

event rental services table setting

When you work with Stuart, and use our party and event rental services, you’re getting:

  • The advantage of using a company with well over a century’s worth of experience and event knowledge
  • A trusted partner who’s core values has your best interests at heart
  • A team of top-notch professionals who attend to every detail
  • A company who measures success by your level of satisfaction


In other words…you’re getting peace of mind.


So if you don’t want to risk the success of your event by using just another random rental company – who may boast the lowest prices of the moment, but lacks the level of knowledge and experience you can get from Stuart Event Rentals…

Contact us today to discuss your needs

Our team is standing by and ready to help you create the most important event in the world at this moment —YOURS!